Oh my! So shiny!

Published on 5/9/2023
At 282Storage.com - Ladies..storing away your jewelry can be super tedious! Especially the chain-suvious-of-necklaces. Oh mountain-of-rings.. Things i have personally found that have helped store everything. 

Ramekins, the plastic ones in the grocery store. Putting a necklace per little cup, or storing multiple rings together. Perhaps earrings even! I collect a massive multitude of earrings and I've used my fair share of the tiny cups. Now, what if the knots happen? Using a small bit of cardboard, you can wrap the necklace chain around it. Use buttons to put earrings through to keep pairs together. Be sure to pick up a pack of the rubber backs in the craft section! you can even use ziplocs. Well, the snack size are just too big! Right! They can be depending on the size of your brooches or necklace charms. You can split up the bags by using the tiny rubber bands from the hair section. If you are worried about metals tarnishing, add a silica pack to your items. I've done that a time or two for my items. 

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